What is the difference between Homestead’s percale and sateen sheets?

Our percale weave boasts a cool and matte shine with a one-yarn-under & one-yarn-over weave. Percale sheets are cool, crisp, breathable, and very durable – they get softer with every wash. Our sateen weave brings a silky and soft shine with a one-yarn-under & three-yarn-over weave. The sateen weave yields a soft and lustrous sheet that feels especially comfortable and luxurious.

What are Homestead sheets made of?

Our full range of sheets and pillowcases are crafted from certified organic cotton that is responsibly grown, cultivated, harvested, and processed. We are dedicated to supporting practices that use materials and methods that lessen the impact on our environment and replenish and maintain soil fertility and build biologically diverse agriculture.

Are your sheets GOTS-certified?

Our fair trade, organic cotton-certified sheets are certified to meet Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), which means our entire production process is certified, not just the end product.

How deep are Homestead fitted sheets?

All sizes of Homestead fitted sheets are 16 inches deep.

Should I wash my new Homestead sheets before using them?

We suggest laundering all new sheets and pillowcases before use. While our supply chain adheres to the most rigorous environmental standards and is completely free from harmful chemicals, we recommend pre-washing to ensure your linens are as clean, fresh, and soft as possible upon first use.

How do I wash my Homestead sheets?

Our full range of organic cotton products are machine washable. We suggest machine washing on a gentle cycle in cold water with like colors using a gentle, plant-based laundry detergent. We don’t recommend using bleaching agents, as they can diminish the vibrancy of fabric — if needed, use only non-chlorine bleach. Additionally, fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not recommended, as they reduce the absorbency of cotton textiles. To promote softness, place a set of natural wool dryer balls inside the dryer along with the damp sheets, which will help to naturally soften the fabric as well as reduce overall drying time. Line dry, or tumble dry on low and remove promptly. Use a warm iron as needed.

How should I store my Homestead sheets?

When storing, avoid plastic containers to allow your sheets to breathe and to avoid yellowing.

How often should I replace my sheets?

For optimum softness and quality, we recommend replacing sheets every 2 years. For pillowcases, replace annually.