The Founder

Our story begins with me, Marc Lakier, working long, stressful hours for a large entertainment company and not feeling as though I was doing anything to make the world a better place. I’m a husband and a father and I was having all kinds of thoughts about my role in making a difference in this world for the sake of my family and my community.

Then, my wife purchased a sheet set as part of our daughter’s preschool fundraiser. When they arrived, the sheets were not cotton, they certainly weren’t organic, and under what kinds of conditions they were manufactured was anybody’s guess. This got me thinking …

Homestead Family

My wife and I were already improving our own knowledge of organic foods and other organic products – we were making purchasing decisions based on our own desire to be healthier and not expose ourselves or our child to harmful chemicals and/or materials. But, these decisions were focused on how our choices as consumers affected our own lives, not how making these choices may impact the lives of others.

I started researching. What I discovered was that purchasing organic products has a profound impact on the larger global community. Furthermore, I discovered something called “fair trade practices” and came to find that where organic agricultural practices does great things for the environment and the planet’s overall health, fair trade has a profound sociological and humanistic impact all around the world, substituting oftentimes deplorable labor practices with models that take into account the health, safety, and general wellbeing of the individuals crafting many of the products we find in our homes.

So, thinking about the sheets my wife purchased from the fundraiser and all of the information I found in my research, I decided that I wanted to provide a space where people could find affordable, high-quality, organic, fair trade products for the home, as well as a place where I could educate anyone willing to listen about the benefits of organic and fair-trade practices. That space became Homestead. We welcome you and hope that you will join us in making sustainable, socially-responsible purchasing decisions for you and your family.